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Worr Domination Paintballs


Worr Domination is usually rated above average paint. If you ask me I put it somewhere right in the middle. It has its strong sides, but it definitely has its weak ones, too. Starting with the good – this paintballs can be used with almost every barrel out there, but if you use a good one the paint is awesome. The Domination paintballs have an excelent accuarcy, even with stock barrels. This is because they’re pretty round and nicely shaped. Some people complain that the shell is pretty brittle, but that’s not exactly true. If you get the paint fresh the shell is actually pretty good and performs perfectly with your gun, breaking only on target hits. The things change though if we’re talking about old or improperly stored paint.  It definitely loses its quality if you have it for a long amount of time; it starts to break very easily, even in the hopper. Also the paint is said to have some big seams, but that did not seem to matter too much. As to the fill – although it is amazingly bright and thick many players complain that it is too oily. It also stains pretty bad. Now, usually this is not something to complain about but this time we have to admit that Domination Paintballs are one if the paintballs that stain a little too much. They’re definitely a lot harder to clean than normal paintballs. The price is again on the strong side. The paint is priced around $35-$40 for 2000 count which puts it somewhere between the cheaper paints. Even if you didn’t like the review about it you should buy a small bag and try it. After all finding the perfect paint for you goes through trying as many of them as possible, right?

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