Proto Darts Paintballs

Proto is known for its impressive line of markers, apparel, masks, and other marker accessories, but only recently, they have come out with a paintball model. Being a division of Dye, you know that it is a great company, but is their one and only paint – The Darts – standing up to their name. Absolutely. Darts may not be the best paint out there, but for its $45 it is definitely something to try and expect to be happy about. The paint is very round and with good shape which causes its accuracy grades to be very high. The shell of the paint is also very good one. It’s brittle, but not too much, just enough to break on the target and not in your barrel. The fill stains pretty well and is bright enough to see even when the darkness is falling. See what manufacturers have to say about their paint:
“Proto paintballs are professional grade paintballs that define accuracy. Designed and manufactured to meet a higher standard, Proto paintballs are for paintball enthusiasts that are serious about their game. Proto paint is extremely round and has a high visibility fill as well as excellent markability. Proto paint breaks on target, not in your marker. These quality features combined with supreme accuracy make Proto paint the choice of the pro’s.”
For once they didn’t exaggerate at all. The one thing I don’t like about the paint is the lack of colors. For now you can find it only in orange. It’s not bad…you can see the orange color from afar, but it’s always nice to have color options. That’s my only remark about this paint. Everything else is just perfect. And as I already said – for that money the Darts is definitely something you should try.