PMI/RPS Marballizer Paintballs

After the previous 3 paintballs reviewed that were mostly rec ball and practice recommended, here’s a paint that can be used in absolutely every paintball situation you can think off – premium tourney or speed ball, or scenario games, woods ball, rec ball…everything. This is probably the most used paint ever – for a reason of course. If you can afford the thing there’s no point of thinking whether to get it or not – just do it. But it does not come cheap – $65 for 2000 round is one constant price that those paintballs hold. Beside the price the Marballizer has one more downside – when it hits it really stands up for its name…like you’ve been hit with a marbel…and it hurts like hell…so when playing friendly paintball, if your gear is not that tough, you should probably choose a different paint. Other than that the paint is simply great…I know that’s a word rarely used for paintballs, but of all that were reviewed so far this one is really the best. The balls are perfectly round and as much accurate as that depends on them, the fill is very bright, thick and stains a lot, the seams are almost invisible, the shell is somehow hard, but it breaks wonderfully when it hits the target. The paint performs great in extreme conditions and tends to shoot better than most of the other paintballs when used with stock barrel. There’s just nothing that you can be unhappy with. It’s really a paint that deserves to be played with. If you haven’t tried it yet, do it sooner.