Dynasty Dynamic Paintballs

Dynasty Dynamic Paintballs  is another great paint by Dynasty Company. There are other paints available, but this is gonna be the last one of this brand to be reviewed. Just like the Dragon this paint is near perfection, but not quite as good. Again the main problems are the price and the difficulty in finding. What’s not so perfect here is the shell that sometimes is too brittle, but not always. Other than that the paints are very close as performance rate. Probably their main difference is the smell, believe it or not. The Dragon has banana scent and the Dynamic has apple one (which to tell you the truth at one point gets irritating). The Dynamic has variety of colors you can choose from as long as you can find it. It’s priced around $50-$55 for 2000 count which is definitely cheaper than the Dragon (I relate it to the fact that the Dynamic has been longer in the Dynasty arsenal). If you can’t afford the Dragon and want something cheaper, but still great the Dynamic is the paint for you. It possesses almost all of the Dragon qualities and great performance, but it’s relatively cheaper. It’s tourney quality paint at very decent price which you should not miss out and definitely try.