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Nelson Gold Medal Series Paintballs


Gold medal paintballs are one of the fairly cheap Nelson paintballs. They’re kinda hard to find, but if you do some searching there are places that sell them .the price is about 35 bucks which is a pretty good deal. The paint is good too. Contrary to the Special Forces here you have plenty of color choice and no matter which one you chose you’ll be happy with it. The fill, no matter the color is bright and although it’s not the thickest one among all the Nelson paints it still does what it’s supposed to – stains and is not easy to wipe. With this paint you need large bore size and it’s not the first time I’ll say that, but if you do not match the size of the paint with the size of the bore you better skip that day of paintball…it’ll be a waste of time and nerves. The balls fly pretty straight although they tend to drop a little, but those are rare occasions. I suggest you use the paint in normal weather conditions as it’s not very durable when it comes to extreme temperatures – cold or hot. For the price I say it’s paint worth trying, but I say that every time, right? Still you know the rule – try as much paintballs as possible…eventually you’ll find the perfect one.

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