PMI/RPS Premium Paintballs

Some players argue that this is somehow good tourney paint, but my advice to you is to use mostly for practice and rec ball. It’s good enough for that, but it just can’t seem to get the tourney level. Still it is a paint you should try at least once. It’s definitely better than the previous two mentioned. Many people use it and many people are happy with it. Of course there are always those that have decided to try it, got a bad batch and are left with the impression that the paint sucks…that happens with all the paintballs that are out there, so don’t trust those guys too much. It’s normal if the paint is old or improperly stored to act strange – to break, not to break, to bounce, to curve, etc. It sucks, but it’s normal. The thing is you should try a fair amount of it before making conclusions. Always think of the possibility that it may not be fresh and don’t hate it if it’s not…hate the place you got it from. Back to the Premium – it’s a good paint to have for non-competitive game of paintball. One that’s not gonna cause you too much trouble, especially if you’ve learned your lesson and matched the bore size. And you’ll be happy with the price, too. The paint comes at around $45 for 2000 count. It’s a great price for good paintballs.