PMI/RPS Rampage Paintballs

Just another very inconsistent paint. Remember that one exception I was telling you about in one of the previous reviews? This is it for the RPS. They’re known for making good paintball products, this one though is more on the weak side. Now, for the money – around $35 for 2000 count (around $10 for 500 count) – I say get a bag and try the paint. But if anyone’s offering you those for more money just say no…they’re simply not worthy. In the beginning I said inconsistent – that is because the paint is getting pretty contradictory reviews. I guess the matter is mostly to who get what paint, fresh or old. Still even fresh the paint is just not that great…it tends to be very brittle and breaks a lot. It gets somehow better in time, but not that much. Overall it’s pretty oily and bounces a lot. The filling is not that great, too. It’s somehow weak, it stinks and it does not stain too well. When a little time passes the balls start to dimple a lot, which of course reflects on the accuracy…curving, falling down balls…not a pretty sight. It’s definitely a paint that doesn’t really deserve your attention. It’s just not worth getting and is most likely to ruin your game mood if you actually do.