PMI/RPS Stinger Paintballs

The PMI Stinger are paintballs mostly for rec ball and practice, but they’re away of being called tourney. Overall they’re good paintballs, but they have their ups and downs. Players find them very accurate even in moments when they’re a little dimpled. They have a nice bright fill that stains just enough not to be wiped out. What people don’t like about them is that they can’t stand extreme temperatures and tend to change from one end to the other – meaning that when it’s pretty hot out there the paintballs get very oily (oily enough that you have to wipe them down before using them) and you can get a lot of bounces off people, contrary, when the temperatures drop they move to the other extreme – getting very, very brittle and start breaking even in the hopper. Still, if you’re planning on using those in normal (average) weather conditions I’m pretty sure you’ll find them great. Actually these paintballs are pretty easy to like, especially given their price which at the moment is around $36 for 2000 count. It is a real deal to get those under 40 bucks and if you’re only playing for fun I suggest you give them a shot. Mind the bore size though as they tend to vary through the sizes a lot. At the end, even if you don’t like them, thirty something dollars are not that much to cry over…at least you’ve tried.