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Evil MidEvil Paintballs


This is the other Evil paint that we’re gonna talk about. Again it’s a good Evil paint, just not quite as good as the Evil Ultra. I’m gonna compare only the two of them and tell you where I think the differences are. I personally find two differences – in the fill and in the shell. In my opinion the MidEvil fill is just not as bright as the Ultra’s one and the MidEvil shell is a little bit harder than the one of the Ultra paintballs. With the harder shell the MidEvil tends to bounce sometimes, unlike the Ultra, but it’s not something to worry about too much…the paint is still pretty accurate. As to the fill – remember that I’m comparing the MidEvil only to the Ultra so don’t think it’s some watery easy wipe fill…no…it’s just a little bit brighter compared to the very bright Ultra one. Overall don’t get me wrong – this paint is much better than many of the others that are on the market right now. It deserves your attention and if you get the chance you should definitely try it. Good think is that it’s cheaper than the Evil Ultra. Again depending on the place where you’re getting it the price can vary, but it should be around $47-$55, not too bad and besides it’s an Evil. When it’s fresh this is a paint that’s less likely to cause you many problems just mind that you should match the bore size with the paint. With this paint a barrel that is .688 or above should be just fine .689 or above would be probably better. Be careful with that…it is important.

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