Evil Ultra Paintballs

Here’s the next brand of tourney paintballs – Evil with their probably best product the Evil Ultra paintballs. It’s a paint well respected among the players and it really deserves it. The only weak spot that you’ll find in this paint is probably its price. It’s not a cheap one…depending on the place you’re getting it, it can be between 55 and 65 dollars for 2000 round…but if you decide to buy it you know you’re buying if not the highest a quality of paintballs very near to it. Other than the price I find absolutely nothing that you can complain about in it. It is indeed made for tournament play and it keeps up the high quality level. The paint is accurate, breaks great and every time on target, rarely in the barrel, has great bright filling that stains just as much as you need it too. It is also pretty reliable when it comes to extreme weather conditions. Another good thing about it is that it stores great over long periods of time without sacrificing performance. Well, by long period I don’t mean months, but you can easily store it about 2 weeks without experiencing any problems in the next game (too weeks assuming you got it fresh in the first place). It is for sure a paint you should try. And I bet you’ll like it. If you really take the game serious you’ll probably never give up on it.