Brass Eagle Afterburner Paintballs

This is gonna be the one and only Brass Eagle paint that I’m gonna review and I do it mostly to warn you to stay away from it. To be fair I have to say that if you only intend to play around or just practice (although if you practice with this paint the moment you switch to something else you’ll be surprised how good you are) this is a nice cheap paint to do it with. Still if you’re thinking of doing a competitive game of paintball avoid the BE Afterburner or you risk ruin your entire day. The thing is just crappy. To start with – note that this is a very large bore paint .692 and bigger so if you’re using anything smaller than that it just won’t work. You probably know Brass Eagle make mostly low end products, but the Afterburner is just not worth buying. Yes, it’s cheap – it goes somewhere around $30-$35 for a 2000 round but why waste those money for something that’s only gonna cause you trouble. The shell of the Afterburner is really thick. You get a lot of bounces with it and as I already mentioned if you use a smaller bore you’ll be getting a lot of barrel breaks, too. Also, although many of the paintballs in the package can be pretty round, the seams are usually quite uneven causing the paintballs to be totally inaccurate. Just…avoid it. Spend that money for some better paint even if you have to give up counts. If you insist on trying it – do it…just don’t say I didn’t warn you.