Empire Fuel Paintball

And if the Empire Bullets is the paint that brings the Empire brand name down the Fuel is the one that restores the trust so many people have in it. This is probably the best paint Empire ever made. There’s simply nothing to point at that’s on the bad side…beside maybe the price. Yes it’s the best paint, but it’s also the priciest one hitting the 70 dollars for 2000 count…or more again depending on where you’re getting it from. Anyways it’s a price worth paying for the quality you’re getting. It even looks awesome besides performing perfectly. I know I’ll repeat myself all over again but there’s not too many ways to describe a good paint. The balls are all nicely shaped with almost invisible seams. They break nicely on target hit and although it may happen a barrel break is not something to worry about. The paint is pretty accurate with nice bright fill and although there are people that find it a little weak it stains pretty well and is hard to wipe out. Still it’s not impossible to wash away as some of the other paints on the market. The Fuel works pretty good even in extreme conditions, but again is at its best when it’s fresh and you use it in normal temperatures. It may be too expensive for many of you, but if you decide to pay the price for it you absolutely won’t regret it.