Empire Bullets Paintballs

Most of the Empire bullets paintballs reviews are and will be pretty positive ones. There’s a reason for that of course – the products, but there’s always that one that brings the brand name down. In the Empire paintball section this should be the Bullets. Not that this is a bad paint…actually half of the players find it pretty good and rate it as a very nice one. The thing is that the other half gives the lowest ratings possible. Who’s right and who is wrong is up to you to decide when you try the thing (mark that you should try the paint anyway). For me, based on all the reviews I read, I label the paint inconsistent. Which, as I’ve already said before, can be even worse than calling it bad. There’s one thing you can do to prevent getting an old paint – if you buy it personally just examine the bags and check if the balls are round and dimples free. If they are, get it…I’m sure it will work fine for you. Good thing about this paint is that it’s strong enough to withstand both high pressure and low pressure guns. Still if you find the paintballs misshaped and dimpled you better chose something else that’s available. Another thing is if you get the paint over internet – you just cross your fingers it’s fresh. The price is not so bad – it goes around $45 depending on the place you’re getting it…which compared to the other Empire paintballs is actually a good deal. Still if you really can’t check it before you get I suggest avoid it.