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Empire Inertia Paintballs


We’re moving on with the Empire paintballs. After reviewing the Engage and the Ramp ones, it’s time for the Inertia. Inertia is said to be tourney paint and in most of the time it does its job perfectly. Of course, as with every other paint, flaws can occur if it is old or improperly stored, if it’s fresh though you’ll find it hard to complain about it. The paint’s shell is very nice with thin seams that break every time a target is hit. The filling is also very nice – thick consistency that stains a lot and is difficult to wipe out. The paintballs are all very nice shaped and sized and once again if the paint is fresh you can count on them being perfectly round with absolutely no dimples. Another thing you can count on is the accuracy of this paint. We’ve talked about paintballs and accuracy before, but to be fair they are somehow connected…even if you’re the best shooter out there you can do nothing with crappy dimpled paint all curving around and dropping big time, right? Still, when talking about the Inertia – if your accuracy sucks don’t blame the paint. There are people that won’t like it though. Those with low end guns. The paint is simply not made for them and will break like crazy. Take note of that and don’t ruin your day combining both. As to the price – the paint don’t come cheap…which is the case with most of the tourney paints. You can get a count of 2000 for about 60 bucks. Anyways it’s a paint that deserves the price it’s given by all means. If you have the cash you should definitely try it.

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