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Diablo Inferno Paintballs


The Inferno paintballs are by far one of the best Diablo paintballs. They do come at a pretty high price – around $60.00 for 2000 count – but unlike the Blaze they totally deserve it. Inferno fuels more top Amateur A, B, and Scenario Teams, plus many of the fastest guns in the Pro ranks. Inferno’s shiny SpeedFeed Shell is super-glossy for anti-friction, high- speed feeding. With the Inferno you get pretty much everything you expect from paintballs – they’re accurate, nicely shaped and equally sized, great fill and break nicely in target hit and rarely into the barrel. They’re pretty available, too…in most of the big stores. Also they come in variety of colors you can choose from – all of them bright and hard to wipe out. The only problems you an experience is if you come across some old paint. And it can happen to everybody, but we can’t really blame the paint about that. Everyone knows that when the paint gets old it gets pretty much useless – lots of dimples causing lots of breaks, lots of bounces, not too efficient accuracy…in the end all you get is a ruined day of paintball. If you get a fresh box of the Inferno though you don’t have to worry about crappy paintball days – you’ll have a blast shooting those. If you can afford them don’t hesitate and get them – as I already said they’re by far the best Diablo ever made.

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