Diablo Blaze Paintballs

The Diablo blaze paintballs are one of the pricier Diablo paintballs. They’re somehow better than many of the previous Diablo products mentioned, but not quite deserving the price they’re labeled. Yes they’re accurate and least likely to break in your barrel, but the weather conditions problem stays. Once it gets cold out there you can say goodbye to target breaks and hallo to plenty of bounces. The filling is definitely better though. If you’ve read most of the Diablo paintballs reviews you’ve probably noticed the comments about the watery not staining enough fillings. No such luck for the cheaters with the Blaze though. Even the white filling is thick enough and definitely stains enough. This of course can bring you trouble when cleaning your gear after the game, but there’s always a bad side you know. Good thing is that those work great with most of the stock barrels…we can’t say that for too many paintballs. But still, as I said for the price they’re valued they’re not that good. For instance the 2000 count goes around $50.00 which is about 10 bucks more than most of the other Diablo paintballs. They’re simply not that good. If you stumble on some sale though definitely chose those before something else. You won’t regret it.