Diablo Dusk Paintballs

Diablo Dusk paintballs are again one of the good Diablo products. There are things to be said both on the good and bad side, but I put them in-between the good paintballs on the market. One of the best things when talking about those is their availability. You can find the Dusk in almost every big store you can think of…and they’re probably gonna be the best paintballs you can get from there. Another good thing is that they’re cheap – coming at prices around $15.00 per 500 counts, $25.00 per 1000 count and around $40.00 for 2000 count you can take advantage of the price don’t have to worry that you’ll be getting some crappy paintballs. There are 4 shell/fill colors that you can chose form, but my advice to you is to avoid the white fill ones as it’s kinda hard to see and easy to wipe out. Those with pink fill work much better. The shell is pretty good making the paintballs very durable when in the barrel and although you may get some bounces barrel breakage is a rare occasion. Some of the flaws that I should mention are that those paintballs are not made for cold weather conditions. They become too bouncy when the temperatures drop. Another thing is that although most of the time they’re pretty accurate once in a while dimples may cause you problems with that. But overall those are some good paintballs. You should try them for sure and if they don’t work perfectly for your gun just keep trying…there’s plenty of choice.