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Diablo Formula 13 Paintballs 2000 Count


Contrary to the Diablo Crush the Formula 13 gets pretty steady reviews and mostly on the good side. Diablo’s always been a respectful name when it gomes to paintball goodies and I don’t know what went wrong with the Crush and the Heat paintballs. Still the Formula 13 clears their name for as much as that’s possible with some steady performance. The balls are said do be very durable and no problem causing. They are nicely made with nice filling consistency and bright fill colors, break when they hit the target, stain just enough so they don’t get whipped right away, are pretty accurate, less to none barrel breaks, good in all weather conditions, nicely shaped with no bumps or odd shapes. The only thing that may bother you is the paintballs size, as some players say that they tend to be a little small, so you better try them in your barrel before you buy them. But overall the Formula 13 cover all of the things you can expect from good paintballs. And they’re not pricy, too. You’ll be surprised that they cost less than the Diablo Crush – $48.98 (a buck is a buck). Still if you didn’t get the message from the first two reviews – you can never say which paintballs are the right ones for you until you try as many brands and types as possible. So don’t jump right on these ones without any reservations. We can’t guarantee you’ll get the best performance with them.

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