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Diablo Crush Paintballs 2000 rounds


The next Diablo option you get is the Crush…the whole review of those paintballs can be gathered in only one word – inconsistent. Why? Because when getting a case of Crush paintballs you don’t really know what you’re gonna end up with. The player’s reviews of this product vary from one end to another. You can only wish you’re lucky and you’re getting a good batch of those or it’s a horrible, horrible day of paintballing that’s expecting you on the field. The good reviews say that the balls are great with very thick filling, nice breakage on target contact, pretty good sized, and no dimples on them. Bad reviews on the other hand find those very unreliable. Lots of bounces, lots of barrel breakage, high difference in the sizes, lots of egg shaped balls, thick shell, horrible in cold and very hot weather. Told you the reviews differ from one end to another. What I recon is that the problem it really in the batch of paintballs you’re gonna end up with. If you’re lucky you’ll be giving good reviews…if not…bad ones. But that’s not really in your interest. And Diablo should really start working on their quality control. But once again those are not one of the priest paintballs on the market. They cost $49.94 for a 2000 round. So you should probably try them, as they may just the right ones for your gun. If not just switch to something else.

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