Adco Hot Shot Red Dot Sight

The Adco Hot Shot Red Dot Sight is also on the cheap side, but it’s certainly not my favorite sight out there. It has some advantages, but it has even more downsides so I don’t really recommend it to you. Anyway the good things are that it is pretty compact and looks very nice on the gun. It also has 3 options to put it on – Off (all the way to the back), medium brightness (the middle option for low light situations), or high brightness of the dot (all the way in front). The last thing I’ll mention as an advantage is that it’s not so bad when it comes to battery. Unfortunately the rest of the review will be after the info about the product where I usually put the downsides:

“The Hot Shot looks something like an IMP, but it is bigger and tougher in every way. Durability is more obvious, field of view is increased, and mounting brackets are really strong. Meanwhile the power switch is something like the Champ. It has a low and high brightness as well as off.”

There’re plenty of things to make you reconsider getting this sight. I’ll start with the fact that it gets dirty very fast. It’s an open tubed sight so the dirt gets in it very easily and it takes a while to get it clean again. Another huge downside is that the thing gets glare…sometimes to a point when target completely disappear. It’s plastic and although I can’t really call it weak it won’t take too much abuse. It’s also pretty hard to adjust and calibrate. You have to be very patient with that. Yes it costs less than $30, but compare the ups and downs and make the math for yourself. It’s just not worthy. For $10 more you can get the Adco Sure Shot which again is not the best, but is certainly better than this one. Don’t waste money on it.