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Adco Imp Red Dot Sight


Will it be enough if I say I prefer the Hot Shot before the IMP. I really don’t want to go through all of the downsides again. It’s easy with the advantages – they’re not so many of them – the thing looks nice and is easy to install, other than that it’s all flaws I can think of.
There’s one more good thing – you can get it for about $18 which is as cheap as it gets, but why bother when it’s gonna ruin your game more than it’s gonna help. Here’s the provided info and we’ll move on:

“This addition to the ADCO® reflex sight line will make the novice shooter an “eagle-eye” in minutes. The iMP offers all the advantages of higher priced reflex sight at a fraction of the cost. It even has built in mounts compatible with standard .22 caliber style 3/8 inch dovetail. This product was built from the ground up to be an electronic sight. The iMP has a polymer body with metal mounts. Many air gun shooters, particularly paintball players, find the iMP to be just what they need to get off a well placed shot. The value of reflex sight shooting is now well established. For action games like paintball, the ADCO® iMP is recognized as a winner.”

All of the downsides pointed out for the Hot Shot are 100% true for the IMP. It’s even worse because at least the Hot Shot is easy on the battery. With this one it is very easy to leave the sight on which will drain the battery. Really, if you’re gonna spend money on sight at least get something that deserves getting. There’s plenty of Adco choice that will be better than the IMP even if it’s not the most expensive one. Get something else.

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