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Adco Sure Shot Red Dot Sight


The sure Shot is said to be same as the Hot Shot, only closed tube style, but in my opinion it’s so much better. They cost pretty much the same, but there’s no doubt which one is better. The Sure Shot is pretty easy to set up and adjust and it really approves your accuracy. Just like with the Hot Shot you get the option of self adjusting the brightness of the dot. It has fairly wide field of view and looks great on the gun. It’s also pretty good on battery. Here’s some information and specifications about it and we’ll move on.

“For those who prefer a closed tube style sight there’s Sure Shot Red DotSight. Sure Shot has the same features as Hot Shot and it has the Paintball Proof Warranty. Bot sights have wide field optics and featurea clear, bright Red Dot. A convertible 3/8 inch or 3/4 inch mounting system fits .22 Caliber or Airgun Dovetail or Weaver Style Base
Dot Size: 8.0 M.O.A. (M.O.A. – Minute of Angle)
Length: 4.3 inches
Weight: 2.5 ounces
Height: 2.25 inches
Mounts: 3/8″ or 3/4″ convertible
Magnification: None
Power: 2032 3V Lithium (Included)
Switch: Off-Med-High
Adjustment: Windage & Elevation”

On the opposite side, even though it’s better than the Hot Shot, the Sure Shot still has plenty of disadvantages. Like the fact that it’s pretty fragile. If you play hard this may not be the sight for you. It can take some direct hits, but the number won’t be big. Also the dot tends to disappear in you sometimes. It’s much more visible than with the Hot Shot, but again it’s pretty bright. People also complain about the battery holder and it being pretty weak. Also the thing is very difficult to clean. Impossible if you get paint between the lenses. Consider those things before making a purchase. As to the price it costs about $35. It’s not expensive and for the money I think it performs fairly well.

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