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Adco Swifty Sight


The Swifty is slightly different than the other sights out there. With it you don’t see a glowing red dot floating on your target. What you see is a flat black plastic with a red dot in it. Being designed that way the sight requires you to look though it with both eyes open, then your brain superimposes the dot over what you’re looking at. That’s why the Swifty doesn’t require batteries.  It’s also extremely easy to clean since there’re not too many places to get stained with paint. The Swifty is pretty nice looking, but a design like that has its flaws. Many people never get used to it and some claim that they loose depth perception completely. Another problem you may stumble on is the attaching to the gun. It is kinda tricky and in the end the sight may remain wobbly. Also since it can’t be closed tube you can get problems with reflections produced by strong sunlight, or since it requires light to operate it may get difficult to use when it’s darker. It’s plenty of negativities you should consider, but if you decide to get it anyway it won’t cost you too much. The Swifty is priced for about $25, which is pretty cheap. You may as well try it, who knows you may like it.

“The Swifty is a new compact, lower cost sight that uses a light gathering prism and fiber optic technology to project a sighting dot on an aiming lens.”

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