Smart Parts Vibe Paintball Gun

The Vibe is another cheap gun from the Smart Parts Vibe Paintball Gun newest editions. The marker has a 11 bps capacity and is definitely not the fastest or the most acurate gun out there, but it works great for most rec players. It’s also a great gun if you’re new to the sport. It’s really a nice one to start with and since it cheap you get to spend that extra money on paint and start practicing. The gun is very small and comfortable; it’s also one of the lightest and quietest out there. It looks beautiful and cleaning and maintaining it is an easy job. It uses the new Smart Parts design where the bolt is placed on the back and this is something you’ll find very comfortable and practical. Check out the Vibe’s features:
•    Hammer free design means that even beginning players can now afford a marker with tournament level performance, durability, and simple maintenance.
•    Protection provided by the Vibe’s all-new Max Flow R Vertical Regulator means that it is safe from the dangers of liquid CO2.
•    Weight (marker only): 1 lb. 11 oz.
•    Length (w/out barrel): 8.75 in.
•    Operating Pressure: 180psi
•    Gas Source: HPA or CO2
•    Anti-Chop System: Low force bolt
•    Trigger Pivot: Stainless steel pin
•    Ball Detent: Dual rubber style
•    Semi auto firing mode
•    Max Rate of fire: 11bps
•    Field legal mode lock
•    Runs on one 9 volt battery
•    Standard ASA included
•    One piece 10 inch Impulse/Ion Threaded barrel
•    Feedneck: Vertical clamping NXT Threads
•    Aluminum receiver/bolt
•    Glass fiber reinforced nylon grip frame/body
I’m not gonna stop with the advantages yet. Another thing you should know is that the gun is made to work flawlessly with CO2, Compressed air, or nitrogen, so you get to chose what suits you best. There’s one thing you should be careful with, though – when you get it, the marker will already be set up to accept CO2 so in order to change that to compressed air just open the grip remove the battery then put the battery back on while pressing down on the power button. The button will blink twice indicating it is set to HPA mode. If you are using compressed air and don’t do this the Vibe will eat though your gas. Not reading the manual and missing the “change” part is the main reason most people think the gun is an air  hog, the truth is, it is pretty air efficent once it is set correctly. The one thing you’ll want to change in that gun is the barrel, but that’s basically something you have to do with most guns, so it’s nothing that shocking. Other than that the gun is just great. Still there’s one greater thing – its price. You can get the Vibe for around $140. And I know I said that maybe dozens of times, but this time I really mean it – this is a deal you don’t wanna miss out. Probably many of you who’ve been into paintball for a longer time will find the Vibe more of a kid’s toy, but if you’re just starting or can’t afford an expensive gun get this one. You’ll be more than happy with it.