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Smart Parts SP1 Tactical Paintball Gun


The SP1 is one quality tactical marker for a low price. The gun is very strongly built and you rely on it not breaking down from a minor hit. It’s also pretty light and quiet. If you like military style you’ll be happy with the body of this gun. It’s pretty comfortable and easy to use. It has the rear bolt design used in the latest Smart Parts guns and although it’s there to ease you on the maintenance I can’t say that the SP1 is that easy to clean (definitely easier than with the older bolt design, but still without the right tools which are not included you’re in trouble). Check out the features:
•     Mil-spec accessory rails at every angle and integrated mount points for a stock, the SP-1 is ready for a limitless variety of accessories.
•    Equipped with an integrated tactical flashlight mount right below the barrel, which accepts inexpensive focused beam flashlights at a fraction of the cost of expensive tactical flashlights.
•    Low pressure electropneumatic operation replaces the outdated spring and hammer designs that power competing tactical markers, and allows the SP-1 to deliver a fast , accurate and quiet hailstorm of paint.
•    Weight (marker only): 2 lbs. 6 oz.
•    Length (w/out barrel): 12.5 in.
•    Operating Pressure: 180psi
•    Gas Source: HPA or CO2
•    Anti-Chop System: Low force bolt
•    Trigger Pivot: Stainless steel pin
•    Ball Detent: Dual rubber style
•    Semi auto firing mode
•    Max Rate of fire: 11bps
•    Field legal mode lock
•    Runs on one 9 volt battery
•    Standard ASA included
•    One piece 10 inch Impulse Threaded barrel
•    Feedneck: Vertical clamping NXT Threads
•    Glass fiber reinforced nylon grip frame/body
Another problem you can come across to is that the marker uses a wide variety of hex head sizes making full disassembly a little difficult. Also I don’t think you’ll be happy with the feed neck as it is integrated and can not be upgraded. And speaking of upgrades you should know that for now there are not too many options for that. Also there’s a lack of replacement parts, but that’s soon to be changed, I hope. Mind that although the rumors ION boards, bolts, feed necks, triggers, etc. are not compatible and you cannot use them for spare parts or upgrades…same thing goes for the Tippmann stock guns – no compatibility. The gun comes at a really good price, though and although I piled you up with the SP1 disadvantages I don’t want you think that it’s gun not worthy. Actually my opinion is that it will make a great spare marker or a first gun. It costs only $149.99 and for that price I say it’s definitely worthy (even though it comes only in black).

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