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Smart Parts EOS Paintball Gun


The Smart Parts EOS is here as a replacement for the Epiphany and although it doesn’t differ that much it sure is a nice upgrade to it. The two guns are really very similar (I can add the Ion here, too as it also doesn’t differ that much), but there are some tiny things changed and upgraded that make shooting an EOS so much better than shooting an Epiphany (or Ion, in that matter). Sizes are very similar, but the EOS is a tad lighter and smaller. Also it’s much more reliable and definitely tougher than the Epiphany – the EOS can take hits and rough game much better than its predecessor. It’s easy to maintain and the biggest difference you’ll notice is the new bolt out back design (thank you Smart Parts). The new bolt design makes it so much easier to break your gun down and clean it…it will take you no more than 5 min to do it now compared to the 20 with the old design. Also they made the EOS quieter and although there were never many complains about kick with the Epiphany, the kick level is also reduced. Ok, check out the features before the rest of the review:
•    Unique rapid-charge, low volume fire chamber and volume control inserts makes the EOS deliver high-end tournament level performance, protected from distance-robbing shoot down even at the highest rates of fire
•    Vision anti chop technology combined with fast and simple single tool disassembly of the entire bolt and valve system gives the EOS the reliability and fast turn around time needed in the staging pits of today’s tournaments.
•    Weight (marker only): 2 lbs. 3 oz.
•    Length (w/out barrel): 8.4 in.
•    Operating Pressure: 280psi
•    Gas Source: HPA or CO2
•    Anti-Chop System: Break Beam Vision
•    Trigger Pivot: Conical Mounted Bearing
•    Ball Detent: Dual rubber style
•    Semi auto, rebound, 3 round burst, full auto
•    Field legal mode lock
•    Runs on one 9 volt battery
•    Smart Parts On/Off ASA
•    Includes Freak Jr. three piece 14 inch barrel
•    Feedneck: Vertical Q-Lock/NXT thread
•    Lightweight alloy grip frame/body
Remember the Epiphany downsides? Well you no longer have to worry about changing the feedneck – although it’s not the best one out there (it comes stock, after all) you’ll be very happy with it. Also, although the BPS level is somewhat the same the EOS is nowhere near the air hog the Epiphany is. There weren’t that many colors available when the gun hit the market, but now you get quite a choice: liquid carbon/platinum; liquid carbon/blue; liquid carbon/olive green; liquid carbon/red; black; black/blue; black/red; black/olive green; black/platinum. The price of the EOS is near the one of the Epiphany when it came out. On most places you can get it for $389.99 and although the Epiphany is now almost half the EOS price if you have the money you should not hesitate to get the EOS before the Epiphany. Even the upgrades are not that greater they definitely deserve the money you’re asked to pay.

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