Smart Parts Dynasty Shocker NXT

The Dynasty Shocker is basically the upgraded Vision shocker. There are barely any differences except in the body work and including all the upgrades we’ve already talked about. Overall it’s a great gun it’s again light, very quick and accurate and has little to no kick. It is very easy to maintain for most. It can take a beating from weekly use and keep shooting people at your command on the field without problems… well, most of the time. Probably the best thing in the Dynasty Shocker is the milling. It’s simply a work of art. It’s simple, but jet beautiful. All of it seems to flow well and you never quite get tired of it. Features:

• High efficiency kit
• Q-lok feed neck
• Special Team Dynasty designed milling
• Clamping feed neck by CCM
• Vertical inline Maxflow regulator
• Milled grip frame so you can actually get to the adjustment screws
• Increased space in the trigger guard
• Built in back grip
• Finger grooved trigger
• Freak Back and tip with one insert (.689)
• Official Dynasty logo on the side of the gun
• Aluminum bolt
• All shockers now include the Nerve Vision board with rebound mode!
• Fires 20+ bps with ease
So the upgrades Smart Parts did were to finally put high efficiency bolt kit stock in their markers, next they put new and improved Dynasty frame that gives you that extra wiggle room for your fingers and last but not least is the trigger which has been improved, but there’s still more to be expected about that. Same thing goes for that pesky Nerve board and that reflective eye that always seems to go down and unfortunately when I told you about that great milling job they did on this gun you should know that it’s quite often when that same milling will cause you problems. But there’s no flawless gun so don’t be discouraged as the gun is a really good one. It’s priced for $999.99 in the silver version and $799.99 in red which I have no idea why. But if you’ve decided to get the gun you’ve made a great choice. It will serve you well.