Smart Parts Naughty Dog Shocker

The gun is really well accepted among the paintball players. It gets pretty good reviews form almost everybody which should suggest that it somehow deserves them. And it does. The gun is fast and accurate but at the same time very light and steady. It’s also really quite and well balanced. You can easily compare it to a DM6 or Ego and it certainly won’t yield before them. And even better it’s much cheaper than the two listed above. Features include:

• Feature Packed Grip Frame – Built in snatch grip with expanded trigger guard, and huge finger space are complimented by threaded lock pins which make the trigger, circuit board, and on/off button easier to change and more secure. Recessed frame screws disappear into the grip frame for a cleaner look.
• Four Point Naughty Dog Adjustable Trigger – Can be dialed in to suit any taste, without needing to open the grip or remove the grip frame.
• Shocker NXT regulator in the Custom Naughty Dog Sleeve offers increased flow rate for maximum velocity stability
• Sculpted rebuildable ball detent assemblies – Left and right spring loaded ball detent assemblies are multi-axis CNC machined to integrate seamlessly into the body.
• Naughty Dog bolt guide blends into the body styling.
• Clamping feed neck attaches with a new thread pattern for even greater durability
• Paw print milling into the body
• Uses one 9v battery
• Nitrogen / Compressed air and Anti-Siphon CO2 operation
• Vision board for decreased chopping
• 180-220 psi range improves air efficiency and reduces breakage
• Two piece Freak barrel with .689 insert
• Semi automatic, tournament legal firing mode only
• Includes drop forward and on/off ASA
• New Shockers also include the Nerve board, with the Rebound firing mode!
So as I said that the Naughty Dog is cheaper you don’t have to believe me…check for yourself. This gun is priced for $799.99 compared to the $1300 of the DM6 and the $1000 for an Ego. Yes there are some things you may wanna change like the trigger and also my advice is to change its board with Nox Board. But even with the upgrades the gun’s gonna be cheaper compared to the others out there. Colors: blue, black, red, silver. The warranty is 90 days and you should know that the Smart Parts customer service is really high leveled.