Planet Eclipse Ego Etek 06 Paintball Gun

Another Planet Eclipse creation the Ego Etek 06 Paintball Gun comes on a much more affordable price than the other products of this company. Let’s say it…it comes on half the price of the other markers and of course there’s a reason for that. Not that the gun is not good. It has some great features and is a gun that you can rely on. But it’s definitely not as accurate and efficient as the other PE guns. Features include:

• New 06 ETek Body. Def Tek offset feed tube, No Frame Tag slot, No Frame Tag, Body-Ported Barb Fittings for Rammer Inlets. Dual ETek Rubberised jewels, ‘Cocker Threads
• Ego style Clamping Feed Tube
• New 13″ Etek Barrel with reduced porting, reduced external machining, new formed stick-in rubber badge.
• Redesigned bolt.Much shorter version of Ego 5 Bolt. Same Ramped Top, ramped ball detent grooves, open bolt face, Drilled single hole inlet, plain shape at rear. Interchangeable with all Ego 05 and 06 bolts
• Enlarged Valve chamber offers operating pressures of 250-280 psi
• New ETek Rammer and Rammer Housing. No QEVs, but direct Fore and Aft Porting to Rammer. Does not accept any Ego 05 or 06 stock OR aftermarket rammers or rammer housings.
• New Shape bolt pin. Plain Turned Pin. Larger diameter to allow easier grip and removal
• Uses ’06 Ego ball Detents
• Adjustable LPR. Remodelled cap. enlarge Valve chamber for low pressure operation.
• Redesigned ’06 Etek In-Line Regulator, same internals as and Ego 5 and 6.
• New Shape Etek ’06 Frame, larger trigger guard, single push-button, 3 x True-color LEDs, Rubberised aesthetic semi-transparent control console with EGO logo and viewing windows for LEDs, 4 x tapped bottom-line mounting holes. Spring trigger return, micro switch operation. Integrated slide rail/dove-tail
• New Trigger for ’06 ETek. Blade profile, radius edges, thinner section, centrally mounted trigger prong for enhanced PCB contamination protection.
• Board Settings: Firing Mode, Eye Off ROF, Capped Modes ROF (Semi 1 is Uncapped), Valve Dwell, Debounce, Ball-in-Place
• New for ’06 ETek featuring a micro-switch trigger, 3 x True-color LED, Single external push button, single set-up button, all tourney modes: Semi, Capped Semi. Capped Ramping (NPPL, PSP, Millennium compatible), and a locking facility to make tournament legal.
• On/Off/Rail System: same as system found on SL66
• Break-Beam Eyes: High efficiency break-beam eyes and advanced eye logic. Auto-off default
• Ego Style Grips
• Weight: 1.12 kg / 2.47 lb with Barrel, On/Off/Purge, Regulators, Fittings and Battery
• Length: 508mm / 20.0″ with 13″ Barrel
• Width: 28mm / 1.1″ with Eye Covers
• Height: 225mm / 8.8″ Including Feed Tube and On/Off/Purge Assembly
Ok, I said that it’s not as good as the other markers of this company but it’s definitely not something you wanna miss out for the price it goes…which is around $674.95. It definitely beats the competition of another company’s guns that have similar prices. So if you’re wondering whether to buy it…you should even just because it’s a Ego Etek 06 Paintball Gun You can find it in different shades – urban or jungle style. The PE has really good customer support so if you ever have any problems with the gun just contact them.