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CenterFlag Ninja Barrel Muffler System


Let’s start with the description for the Ninja Barrel Muffler System:

“The Ninja Muffler System by CenterFlag is a fast and convenient way to keep your marker quiet while dry-firing for testing, or just practicing your snap shooting! The Ninja quiets your marker up to 80% so now you won’t have people screaming at you to stop firing your marker! The Ninja comes with cocker threads. Adapters are available for the Angel, AutoMag, Bushmaster, Impulse, Spyder, Tippmann 98, and Tippmann A5 threads.”

This is not something you can use in a real game as it can not shoot paintballs. It works only for teching your gun or while practicing snap shooting. The barrel quiets the gun quite well. It easily fits almost every gun on the market. Not too many people will have use of it, but if you do you can get it for about $45. It really works like a charm…if you need it, get it.

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