MACDev MatchStik 7 Piece Barrel Kit

If for some of you the MatchStick 5 Piece Barrel kit is not enough, you have the option for the 7 Piece one.  The MatchStik 7 Piece Barrel Kit contains four bores and three tips (.685, .687, .689, .693 bores and 12″, 14″ and 16″ tips). I don’t think there’s something more to be asked for. You get absolutely everything you need from a barrel. You already know about the quality of this barrel, but let’s go through the things again. The thing is extremely accurate, extremely quiet and just as light. It doesn’t break paint…I mean that’s what the kit is for to help you match the barrel to the paint you get so, breaks won’t occur, but if you do break a ball be sure that thing will self clean in just a couple of shots. You don’t even need to carry a squeegee with you, trust me. here’s the manufacturer’s description for the kit:

“The new improved MatchStik kits are now available in AutoCocker (Cyborg) threads only. A combination of improved internal surface finish, small dimensional changes and an all new superslick finish combine to make the new MatchStik the best all round barrel available today. The new MatchStik 7 Piece Barrel Kit comes in a convenient padded carry bag.”

Even the case is a nice one this time. The 5 Piece Kit case was a little dull, but this one comes in a practical padded carry bag. The only problem with this barrel is that it’s not too air efficient. It’s due to the lot of porting, but that’s exactly what makes the barrel so quiet so I think you can deal with the lower air efficiency. The price of the 7 Piece Barrel Kit is around $140 which is pretty reasonable price in my own opinion. If you can afford it you should definitely consider getting it. It’s worthy.