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Odyssey 3 Piece Barrel Kit


Odyssey are known for the quality products they make. Their 3 Piece Barrel Kit is no difference. The barrels are excellent. They shoot very accurate and are pretty efficient. The barrels look great and you have 4color options – red, blue, silver and black. They are very quiet and pretty light, but balance on the gun very well. It’s a barrel kit so breaks won’t be often if you match the barrel to the paint right, but if you break a ball at some point don’t worry, because cleaning the barrels is very easy. The things practically clean themselves after some shooting through the break. Still if you use a squeegee you’ll get them running full time faster. What makes this kit different from all the others out there is that you get 3 one piece barrels (that’s why I used plural all the time). Screw in barrel kits can get inaccurate over time, because the threads don’t align perfectly after ample use. You won’t have problems like that with the one piece barrels. The only weakness that comes from that is that, you have to carry your 3 barrels if you use different paint everytime, but that’s not too big of a deal since you get a very nice carrying case to go with them.  There’s just one more downside for this barrel kit – the bore sizes – they are .689, .693, .697 and as you can see small paintballs are simply impossible to use. I don’t know why Odyssey decided to go with such large sizes, but they did. Anyway the kit deserves some consideration, especially because of its price. You can find it for about $75 or even less if you look harder, which is pretty cheap for a barrel kit. It’s a little hard to find, but not impossible. You won’t regret if you decide to trust it.

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