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Evil Driver Barrel

evil-driver-barrel.jpgThe Driver is yet another greatly looking and even better performing barrel by Evil. For a mid range priced barrel there are not too many better than this one. We’ll start with the accuracy – the expression “shooting darts” seems like made for this thing. Well, you know there are other factors involved when it comes to accuracy, but it’s never a bad thing the barrel to help shoot more accurate. It’s quiet, too. Sure there are quieter barrels out there, but this one’s not bad at all. It is light…you won’t even feel it; still it balances great on the gun. It looks good. It’s not paint picky and rarely breaks balls…if it does though it’s very easy to clean. One swap with the squeegee or two shots through is all it takes for it to come back to being perfect. Now, here’s some info before we move to the few negatives:

“From the company that brought you wicked Evil paintballs, now you can shoot paint through a wicked Evil barrel. Performance engineered to put your paint in the same place every shot. Now when you miss, you can’t blame your barrel.
•    One-piece barrel construction
•    Silky smooth anodized finish
•    Ample porting for reduced noise”
There’s not too much to say when it comes to the negative side – performance-wise this thing is great. Maybe the only flaw…or more of an inconvenient is that it comes in only 14in length. This is just right for many, but some may need 12in or even 16in. guess they’ll have to look for something else. For those who are just fine with the 14in length – you can find the Driver for about $55 – great price for a great product. Take advantage of it.

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