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Empire Contact 07 Paintball Pants


So as promised here’s the review for the Empire Contact 07 pants. Compared to the Contact 06 edition those are a little bit updated and a little bit better looking, but if I have to compare the looks to the React 07 I stuck with the React. It’s my personal opinion, but the React 07 just looks cleaner and cooler than those ones. As to the performance – it’s great again. The padding is amazing…and the knees are reinforced with Kevlar for even better protection and durability. And if we’re gonna speak for durability, those has got to be one of the most durable pants ever. You can spend all day crawling or sliding and at the end of the day they’ll look just as good as when you bought them. As to the venting – it’s even better than with the Contact 06 and similar to the React 07 – meaning it’s great and on the right places. Before we continue check the pants features:
•  Built in hip slide pads- Whether you are the guy running out to the corners or the snake on the break our all new Slider Hip pads will keep you from limping off the field. These built in pads keep the raspberries in the produce department, not on your hips. Self contouring design rises above the waistline to cover your hip bones.
• Kevlar pre-curved Dual density knees. The most technically advanced & protective knee on a paintball pant period.
• Newly designed rear panel with Rubberized pop outs to grab onto your pack. Not only will this help keep your harness in place but you also use the loop to hang your pants after a muddy practice.
• 4 way stretch panels above the knees perfected. These panels give so your pants don’t have to.
• Wide hole belt loops! You asked for them we delivered!
• Em-Flow Panel design. Air intake in the front and output in the rear. Heavy duty lilac mesh Construction
• CB pad and waistband padding. You (and your girlfriend) will thank us later. Not only is there a pad in front of the family jewels but the ENTIRE area!
• Belt Buckle internal hideaway key pocket. Now you can take your car key on the field with you with out fear of losing it on the field.
• Neoprene covered Zippers. Keeps the dirt out of your zippers and the paint away from any hard spots
• Dual density reinforced pad zones on shin and side of knees, because not all sliding happens directly on your knee
• Neoprene lined internal swab pocket
• Triple stitched double mesh inseam
• Cinch cord cuffs because we know not everybody is the same height
• Adjustable Velcro waist, that can cinch down an extra few inches
• Colorfast sublimated polymesh panels
The pants fit perfectly and feel a little baggier than other pants – we put that as a plus as this makes them even more comfortable than other pants. Again just like with the React 07 they have zipped pockets that are a very nice touch and they, too tend to bounce balls – so no difference here, but definitely not a bad thing. They are slightly pricier than the React 07 version – $89.95, and to tell you the truth I have no idea why as they are almost the same pants as the React 07. And I definitely won’t spend 15 more bucks for different design (that’s even worse than the other one – again according to me anyway). But that’s a matter of opinion. Oh, I almost forgot the colors…but they’re not hard to guess though – red, blue and black, just like with the React 07 plus a Digi Camo so you don’t say they are completely the same.

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