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Tippmann X7 Basic Paintball Gun


The X7 is not a exception form the Tippmann great markers. All the things we have already said about Tippmann guns apply here 100%. It’s an amazingly reliable marker and you know you can count on it no matter the situation. It’s really well built and handles a lot of banging and dropping so you don’t have to worry for breaking or malfunctioning. Another thing that’s true for all the Tippman guns is that they are really easy to upgrade and have a lot of parts available on the market if you decide to do so. And again Tippmann markers are said to be in the lead of not chopping balls during games. So what differs the X7 from the other Tippmann markers? Probably the boxier and bigger look, if there’s anything else you’ll see it in the features:
• The most customizable marker ever made with a thousand different looks
• Magnesium receiver is extremely lightweight and durable
Cyclone EP (Enhanced Performance) system feeds up to 20bps
• Air-thru stock compatible system eliminates gas line under the marker
• Low profile, offset hopper for clear site line
• Modular shroud with four rails to add on sights and scopes
• Military style magazine with built in tool storage
• Picatinny top rail to easily add new risers, sights, or handles
• Upgraded adjustable rear site helps with long range aiming
• Push pin design for easy field stripping and accessory add ons
• Includes maintenance pack, barrel sleeve, and gun oil
As I said the gun is a little big bigger than the other markers and is quite heavy too so if you’re into speed and light weight you should look for something else. It’s also a loud gun but some find that a strength. One thing you should consider changing when buying this is the stock barrel…we all know how things are there, but stock barrels are an issue with probably 90% of the guns so it’s not just a Tippmann trade mark. The gun costs $299.99 and as you can see is not the cheapest one. But the gun deserves its price and if you try it you won’t be disappointed. The same review goes for the a little bit stock upgraded Tippmann X7 Response Trigger Paintball Gun. All the other Tipmann markers had that upgrade and this one is not a difference. The X7 with response trigger is absolutely the same except for that it includes Response Trigger – a patented rapid air-assisted firing system that can shoot up to 15bps without batteries. This stock upgrade will cost you 49.96 bucks more as the total price is $349.95. If you like the gun to be faster you should make that $49.96 sacrifice. So what’s the other stock upgrade that the other Tippmann guns had? The e-grip. Do you think this one doesn’t? Of course it does – Tippmann X7 E-Grip Paintball Gun So again it’s just the same as the Basic version except that it includes e-grip – the e-grip can shoot up to 20bps and features 5 firing modes including semi auto, turbo, 3 shot safety burst, auto response, and full safety auto. Requires 9 volt battery not included. And the price is $399.95. So if you want multiple firing modes the e-grip is what you’re looking for. And the similarities don’t stop here. There are some packages you can choose from for this gun, too. If you want to skip the separate looking for equipment and decide to get a package instead of the gun itself see what choice you have (starting from the cheapest to the priciest):
Tippmann X7 Complete Silver Package
All the packages go with the X7 Basic version of the gun. This one includes:
• 20 oz Tank with pin valve
• JT Radar or Gen-X Staelth Mask No Fog
• 4+1 Deluxe Paintball Harness
• 4 – Heavy Duty 140 Round Pods
• PhyscoBallistics Heavy Duty Jerk Squeegee
• Zephyr Paintball Barrel Condom
• Maddog Drool Oil
The package costs $314.95 and if you do the math you’ll see that you get all those stuff for only 15 bucks…tell me how that is a bad deal? Even if you have the stuff already the package is again the better option. Of course that’s entirely up to you. The next package is:
Tippmann X7 – Complete Bronze Package

I have no idea why the Bronze package is pricier than the silver one, but it is. It costs $324.95 and includes:
• 20 oz Tank with pin valve
• JT Radar Anti Fog Mask
• Zephyr Paintball Barrel Condom
• Spare Parts Kit
• Manual
From those two every practical person’s choice is obvious; still I’m showing you everything that’s out there. And the last package is the

Tippmann X7 Complete Gold Package

This one is at the price of $329.95 and if you ask me is the one that’s worthiest.
The things it includes are:
• 20 oz Tank with pin valve
• JT Radar Anti Fog Mask
• 6+1 Deluxe Paintball Harness
• 6 – Heavy Duty 140 Round Pods
• Premium 1 oz Maddog Designz Oil
• PhyscoBallistics Heavy Duty Jerk Squeegee
• Zephyr Paintball Barrel Condom
• Spare Parts Kit
• Manual
So those were the guns and those were the packages. Again I remind you that the packages are only for the X7 Basic version and if you like the X7 with response trigger of the X7 with the e-grip you’ll probably have to get the other stuff separately. But overall any of the markers is a pretty good deal which if you decide to take you definitely won’t regret.

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