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Crossfire Stub Air System


Many of you may not like how this tank looks, but personally I think stubbies look awesome on guns. You’ll really love it, especially if you’re a front player. But looks is not the best thing in this tank. Its performance is definitely worth mentioning. The consistency of this Crossfire is very good and drop offs is not something you have to worry about. The tank is also really easy to use, just attach the fill nipple to the fill station and the tank is filled. Then just screw the tank into the asa of your marker and you’re ready to go. Even if it looks small you should know that you can easily get 1300+ shots per fill with it, which by all means is great. Also the tank has an extremely large and easy to read gauge which is also one of the most accurate gauges on the market right now. Here’s the manufacturer’s description for this tank:

“70 ci carbon fiber-wrapped tank with regulator, 5 year hydro. This tank is about 1/2in shorter than a 45/4500. Compact size for the front player and plenty of capacity to play middle one. Weight 3.05, diameter 4.25, length 10.5.”

The only downside I can think of is the weight. It’s a little bit heavier than some other tanks, but that’s something you can easily get used to…all you need is practice. And also, even though these tanks are really strong, I highly recommended a tank cover. After all you pay a certain amount of money for it…you don’t want it scratched at the end of the first day, right? As to the amount of money already mentioned – you can find this thingy for about $170 which is a well deserved price for the performance level you’re getting.

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