Crossfire Skull Fixed High Pressure 68ci 4500psi

Another Crossfire system at your consideration. Many of the things from the previous review will be repeated, but I wanted to give you this one as an option too. It deserves your consideration just as much as the previous one. It is light, it’s durable, it’s easy to maintain and the 1000+ shots per fill given in the features below are not just brag.  Also its pressure guage is huge, as is the current pressure arrow – making the thing very easy to read. You’ll like it very much. Here are the features:

•    Carbon fiber bottle! 5 year hydro test date!
•    Gives you over 1000+ shots per fill!
•    Includes a fiber wrapped cylinder with a regulator set to 800psi output

You can get this Crossfire for about $170 which again is a great price for an air system. Especially one that’s not gonna cause problems during playtime. It’s very dependable and tough made system. It looks good and performs great. You won’t be disappointed of it.