BT Paintball Design BT-1913 Barrel Kit

The BT-1913 is an amazing woodsball barrel. It has its flaws, but overall performs perfectly. It’s extremely accurate and gives you that extra 10-15 feet of distance that keeps you relatively out of range of opposing players. The thing looks great and gives your gun a completely different look. It’s not paint picky, and rarely brakes balls. Here’s the description for it:

“Get real with this hardcore mil-sim barrel. Realistic removable barrelshroud and multi-option picatinny rail mounts are impressive and so are the range and accuracy it delivers! Different models fit A-5, BT-4, BT-16, and 98 threads.”

It’s pretty much everything you can expect from a barrel only there are some flaws that needs to be taken care of. Like the weight – the thing is heavy and unlike some other barrels this time the weight is pretty noticeable. It’s also quite loud. You get to chose from 14 inch and 20 inch, but mind that the 20 inch barrel may be a little longer for some. The BT-1913 isn’t cheap. You can get it for about $90. For that money you can easily replace it with the Apex which in my opinion is better. It’s all up to you though, but it’s not like you don’t have a choice.