Smart Parts Max Flo Air System

Many players like this tank and there’s a reason for that – it is light, it looks very nice and it is amazingly consistent. It has two gauges on it. One tells you the psi inside the tank and the other tells you how much pressure is going into your gun. Drop off is not something you should worry about. Even if you only have 300psi left in your tank you still get a great output pressure. Also its very easy to change the output pressure, you just turn the big knob on the tank. For this tank you have a choice of HP (0 – 800) or LP (0 – 200). If you really need an output pressure of something in between, you can get a HP reg and combine it with an LP spring to get output psi of 250-450 psi. It’s a nice feature, but you have to check your gun and see which one works for you. Here are the features:

•    S-Rail Included
•    Integrated Dovetail
•    Built-in On/Off Valve
•    Airline Compliant
•    4500 PSI
•    Upgradeable/Rebuildable
•    68ci/4500psi Fiber wrapped Bottle

The only problem you may experience with this tank is that you have to fix or change the on/off o-rings from time to time which isn’t that easy. But it’s something you get used to. Leaks are also possible once in a while, but that’s the case with almost every tank out there so I don’t put it as a big downside.  It’s really a great tank to get and although the crossfire and PE regs have faster recharge rates, the max flo’s consistency and flow is unmatched. The thing isn’t that expensive considering some other tank prices I’ve came across to, but it’s not one of the cheapest too. You can find it for about $230 and if that’s an affordable price for you go for it. You won’t regret it.