PMI Pure Energy Air System

It’s finally time for the so talked about PMI Pure Energy. Players seem to be in love with this thing even though it’s not the perfect tank on the market. Let’s see why. First of the tank is light (well, there sure are lighter ones out there, but you certainly can’t call this one very heavy), then the thing has some very nice recharge rate, it is also pretty well ballenced and it comes in a bunch of sizes and psi’s. So far nothing too impressive, right…sounds like most of the tanks on the market, but then the price is what changes everything. You can find the Pure Energy for about $140 (although the price really depends on the size – smaller tanks are cheaper of course) which is cheap when talking about HPA air systems. Anyway here are the features:

-Consistent Flow Technology piston
-Mil-spec Belleville springs
-Dual safety rupture plugs for both bottle and downstream safety
-Mechanical gauge
-Nickel plated brass bonnet
-Certified fill nipple and dual locking set screws
-Preset at 850 psi
-Approximately 500 shots per fill
-5 year hydro test date

Downsides do exist. For instance leaks are a possibility, but they can be taken care of. Shot off is also something that can be experienced. On/off will always be a plus, but that sure adds up to the price. Gauges are not perfect…many of the times there are problems with them, all fixable again. And some people claim burst disks problems, but that’s something rare. Overall I think the tank is worth the given price. You can rarely find a good tank that cheap, so unless you can afford to get something more expensive I say go for this one.