BT Paintball Design Apex Barrel System

The Apex is one of the more expensive barrels on the market, but I think the price asked suits it great. The barrel has some clear advantages over many of the other barrels out there. It’s manly compared to a Flatline, but even then you can see it is better. The greatest advantage over the other barrels is the range of fire you can get out of it. The thing is simply impressive. The accuracy isn’t that much different from the Flatline one, but we certainly can’t call it inaccurate. The Apex is very durable and reliable. It isn’t paint picky as the Flatline and you can shoot pretty much any paint through it with no worries about breaks. You get to choose out of 9 modes of fire – positions 0-3 give average performance, positions 4 and 5 are close to what you’ll get with a Flatline – 4 for thicker paint, 5 for better paint. Positions 6 or 7 operate much like position 8 just to less of a degree. 8 is what’s really impressive. You get curves at any angle, dive bombs and all that at a great range. So here are the features, before we continue:

•    On/Off capability
•    Hit previously untouchable targets with new curve feature.
•    Adjustable ramp switch – choose the desired level of the curve.
•    Left hook, right hook, drop shot and long flat trajectory shots with a twist of the barrel.
•    Easy to ” Dial in ” targets and change the level of curve.
•    Easy to clean

Compatible models – Fits all popular barrel threads including:

BT-4/ BT-16
Tippmann A-5/ Tippmann 98
/VL/BE Impulse

What can be put as a downside, beside the average accuracy is the loudness. There’s almost no porting and the barrel is very short (10″), so you get very loud cracks with each shot. You’ll be thankful of the extra range, because everyone’s going to know where you are. Also note that the Apex needs some getting used to (especially when it comes to position 8), so don’t hate it if you can’t shoot with it right away. Sure there is a place for improvements, but overall the Apex is a great barrel to have. Prices vary depending on the place you’re getting it. You can find it for as low as $80 or as high as $140, so it’s preferable to check multiple places before rush into buying. If you can afford it – do it. The thing really is great, especially if you’re a woodsball player.