WDP Angel Air Low Pressure System

This is a great tank and a must buy if you have a low pressure gun. You’ll be amazed with it. It is pretty light; it has very consistant flow and lasts a long time; looks cool and you get tons of shots off it (1000 without a full fill). Drop off is not on the list with this thing, so don’t worry about that. Leaks are also not something common with it. And the gauges are really nice and easy to read. Here’s what the manufacturer has to say about it:

“This newest edition of the Angel Air system is designed to work with low pressure guns. With a low pressure output of 450, it will work perfectly with your Angel 4 or Speed, as well as any other low pressure gun you may own. The angel Air includes loc socks.”

I can’t really think of any problems you may experience. The system is great really. Too bad people with high pressure guns can’t take advantage of it, but there are other great systems on the market for them too. as to the price – you can find the thing for about $270 which is a little pricy, but certainly not for the performance you’re getting from this tank. If it works for you go for it without hesitation. It won’t disappoint you.