ACI Bulldog III Air System

The ACI Bulldog III is not the most preferable air system out there. Many people find it very problematic and even dangerous sometimes. The good thing about it is that it’s not a CO2. It’s also at pretty good price considering the rest of the choice. I don’t know if I can put small in between the good things since some may not like it, but for others that is an advantage. Yet again there’s not much air in a 47/3000 tank. You can get about 500 shots in most guns with that. So that’s where the good stuff end. But check out the manufacturer’s description first, before we unleash the downsides:

“The new Bulldog 3 is built to increase your flow rate (especially on Angels, Bushmasters, Shockers, Impulses, Autocockers and other low pressure markers) to eliminate drop-off and reach your target before your opponent reaches you. This top quality systems is available in a variety of sizes to match your playing style. The new Bulldog 3 Systems are similar to the old Bulldog 2 systems, except that the regulator on the tank is now all polished. Output pressure is fixed at 800 psi.”

So, on the negative side we have unreliability problems. Plenty of them. Starting with the tank leaking air even if it’s brand new. It’s also very fragile. You’ll have problems with the o rings, the gauges, the burst disks and basically everything you can think of. And mainly be careful because does things have been know of exploding on people. Well, you know any air tank can be dangerous if not taken care of properly, but this one just seems to be way too fragile. On the bright side of all that – the ACI seem to have an amazing customer service, but do you really wanna go through all that?  I’m sure you don’t want to pay that $140 (or more depending on the place you’re getting it) and then have it repaired all the time. There’s plenty of choice out there. Just keep looking.