Nitro Duck iReg Tuff Skin Air-System

The other Nitro Duct tank we’ll be talking about is the iReg Tuff Skin. It is small, it has great recharge rate, it’s cheap and light…just like any normal present tank, only better because it is adjustable. You just have to purchase a piston kit, because the iReg comes stock with the 800psi piston. The piston kit comes with a 400psi, 600psi, and 1,000psi piston kit. This allows you to easily change your iReg’s output pressure. All you need to do is empty the tank, unscrew the holding screws and screw off the iReg cap. The piston is easily removed and replaced with the piston of your liking once you grease the piston’s o-rings. Here are the features:

* Completely rebuildable and user friendly
* 4 piston pressure (400, 600, 800, 1000) comes standard with 800psi HPA
* Lightweight and compact – one of the lightest regulators on the market
* Unique cutting edge fill nipple system

Problems are not something often with the iReg Tuff Skin. I haven’t heard anyone complaining of this tank. People simply like it. One thing I recommend though is to do a hydro test again once you get the thing…just in case. The price can vary, but it’s pretty much in the range of $220 so I think it’s a good buy. It’s a good tank on a good price – try it.