Nitro Duck Carbon Fiber Air System

The Nitro Duck Carbon Fiber tank is overall a pretty good thing. There are absolutely better tanks out there, but just because of its price – around $150 it’s worth your attention. The thing is pretty reliable. It’s strongly made, but don’t push it to the limits. It’s fairly consistent and even though drop off is possible it’s not an often site. The thing is light and very air efficient. See what the manufacturer has to say about it:

“These bottles use a new technology called Carbon Fiber wrapping ( 7 times stronger than glass wrapping), which is totally different than just fiber wrapping like everyone else sells. Since the aluminum shell is wrapped with a Carbon Fiber it makes the shell 30% stronger. Since the shell is 30% stronger, we can make the Aluminum shell 30% thinner, which also makes the shell 30% less in weight.”

One of the downsides of this tank is that it has a longer neck. Not that it’s a big flaw, but it may be uncomfortable for many of you. Leaks are also something you should worry about. Get the tank checked as soon as you get it. Other than that this is a pretty good tank especially considering the price. If you can afford something more expensive – go for it. If not…give this one a try…you may like it.