MACDev Conquest Air System

The MACDev Conquest is definitely one of the top of the line air systems. It has several advantages over many of the other adjustable, low-pressure regs out there. Firstly, it’s very small and lightweight. It has an extremely high flow and amazingly consistent velocities. You can be sure you will experience no shoot down at all. Its gauges work great and look pretty cool too. The mounting rail is a standard Air America dove-tail fitting so you should have no trouble getting a decent drop-forward for it. Its placement upon the rail is very ergonomic and allows for great flexibility as far as wrist positioning. Here are the features and some specifications:

> Burst disc
> Harmonised motion control piston (with built in high pressure safety)
> Lightened on-off
> Increased flow (70% higher than 02 model Conquest)
> Balanced regulation (can be used with gas thru)
> Strengthened dovetail
> Macdev micro gauges
> 03 Fill nipple with inline filtration
> Side by side gauge positioning with re-positioning available
> 03 Conquest jewels
> 03 teardrop milling
> Easier strip down and re-build
> Low maintenance piston system
> Ultra consistent due to self lubricating, abrasion resistant seating system.
> Carefully engineered flow paths give excellent efficiency
> Dovetail mount and screws included

(68/4500psi system)
> Weight: 2.2lbs (1kg)
> Length: 12.5″ (32cm)
> Diameter: 4.3″ (11cm)
> Output range: 0-650psi

The only thing worth complaining about is the on/off. Don’t get me wrong it works fine and maintenance through the adjustment knob and on/off piece is easy, but when gassing up your marker and running pressures over 400 psi, pressing down the on/off lever can be tedious and requires some force. It’s just a little irritating that’s all. It’s overall a great marker and well worth getting…if you can afford it at least. The thing doesn’t come cheap as its price is in the range of $350+. If you can afford it though, get it. You’ll be absolutely happy with it.