MACDev ’05 Legion Air System

Yes there are newer versions out, but just because it’s 05 doesn’t mean the Macdev should be out of the picture. On the contrary – you’ll be nothing but impresses by this tank. For starters it comes with both lp and hp burst disks which allows it to be much safer than any other tank on the market in its class. It is extremely light and small, very durable and can hold in any form of paintball play. The recharge rate on this thing is incredible. Believe it or not it can recharge around 35+ bps. The reg is awesome – it’s milled, it’s short and it’s high flowing. Basically one great tank to have. See the given features:

•    The highest flowing, most consistent preset system available
•    Low pressure and high pressure burst disks.
•    High quality macdev mini gauge
•    Super light-weight – all aluminium body
•    Stylish milling
•    Filtered standard inlet nipple
•    100% pressure and performance tested before shipping
•    High quality fibre wrapped bottle
•    Stainless steel screws
•    High or Low pressure versions available

If you’re expecting a flaw list I have to disappoint you. The ’05 Legion Air System performs perfectly and you can rely on it every time. The only thing I’ll point out is the bottle cover you should get – I recommend the MacDev cover, because obviously they make it for their tanks. Many of the other covers will be big for this thing. The price is also something you’ll be surprised with. The thing costs only about $200, which is pretty cheap for performance like that. If you can get yourself something like this tank (they may be a little hard to find, but absolutely worth looking) do it without any hesitation…it will only make you proud of it.