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Invert 56ci 4500psi


There are not too many opinions about the Invert 56ci4500psi, but of what I hear people are very fond of it. It may not be the normal sized tank, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth considering. In fact the thing is pretty reliable and I think you’re gonna like it if you decide to give it a chance. It’s very consistent with basically no drop off and big enough to give you the advertised 1000 shots per fill. If you’re wondering about the size – the tank is the length of a PMI 45ci 4500psi tank, but has the width of a PMI 68ci 4500psi tank. It’s up to you if that’s gonna be comfortable or not. I suggest you try it first just to make sure it fits your style. Here are its features:

* Light, compact and will give you up to 1000 shots with a full fill.
* Includes low pressure drop in kit!
* Output pressure is preset to 850psi.
* Consistent Flow Technology piston
* Mil-spec Belleville springs
* Dual safety rupture plugs for both bottle and downstream safety
* Mechanical gauge
* Nickel plated brass bonnet
* Certified fill nipple
* Dual locking set screws
* 5 year hydro test date

I haven’t heard about any leak complains, but you know that’s possible with any tank out there so don’t be disappointed if it happens to you too. The price of the Invert 56ci 4500psi is around $200, but I think it deserves it. And I think you’ll like it once you try it. Still, don’t go blind getting it…it may turn out it is not comfortable for you and you’ve spent $200 for something you’re not gonna use. Go for the “try it, then buy it” saying…it’s the best.

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