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Evil Scion Air


Evil Scion is one pretty good product. It is in the cheaper range of ajustible outputs and it’s said to be one of the best. I’ll start with the fact that the tank is incredibly consistent. Firing +/-18 bps there is hardly any drop off. You can expect absolutely no leaks from the tank whatsoever. It also has a firm design – it’s very strongly made and pretty resistant to hits. People claim that the Scion has the best recharge of all the ajustible and I’m willing to agree with that. Another thing you’re gonna like is the fact that it has a regulator built in that allows you to remove weight from the rest of your marker. See the features before I continue:

•    Dove Tail System
•    Exceptionally strong and durable
•    Efficiency means longer fills, no more running out of air in a clutch
•    Operates at 100 – 550 psi
•    Bottle pressure and output pressure gauges
•    High and low pressure burst discs
•    Push button on and off

It’s really a great system, but still there are some things that can be put as a downside. For instance the on/off can be somewhat difficult to press at high pressure (over 3500psi), and it really needs to be oiled to work properly. Just remember to maintain that along with your marker. What I really don’t like is that the rail is not the universal dove tail so you need to use the Evil rail. That doesn’t allow for many options with drops or other rails. Regulator and gauges are usually pretty good, but people complain that they are of poor quality…I don’t agree with that 100% and think you’ll be just fine and have no problems with them. The price can vary depending on the place you’re getting the thing, but it’s usually about $350. It’s not cheap, but it’s pretty good for adjustable. Try it if you get the chance…it may turn out to be the perfect tank for you.

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