Empire Fuel Fixed Air System

The other Empire tank I think you should know about is the Fuel Fixed Air. It’s relatively cheaper than the previous one reviewed, but it’s pretty much as good. It’s nice and light, very consistant and holds a great amount of air. You can run through it about 1400 shots with no problems.  This is an excellent tank for the front, mid player. It’s small and easy to maneuver with. It can also easily take a good punishment from dives and bumping into bunkers. Probably the greatest feature it has is that when the tank has no air in it, you can unscrew the reg and carry it separately. That’s very convenient for travel and other needs such as replacing o-rings. Here are the features:

•    Stainless steel chassis
•    Step cut fill nipple back-check – puts an end to leaks and stops the “stuck back checks”
•    Shut off pin with bonded rubber seal thwarts extrusion
•    Direct flow internal piston creates the industry’s very best flow rate, and averts “shoot down”
•    Sintered filters at fill point and base regulator stop contiminates before they can stop you
•    Balanced design maintains rock steady output pressure for ultra consistent velocity
•    Quick switch gauge and fill nipple design with o-rings create a reliable seal without thread sealants
•    On/off knob can be easily operated while under pressure

There’s just one thing to put as a downside, but it really isn’t that big of a deal – when you first use the tank you’ll notice that it takes a little longer to fill than most other tanks, but once you keep filling the tank the fill speed increases so you don’t have to worry about that too much. As to the price – you can find the Fuel Fixed Air System for about $230, which as I already said is relatively cheaper than the other Empire tank I reviewed. If you can afford something like that you should definitely consider getting it. Empire is a company worth trusting and I don’t think you’ll have any problems with their products.